He told you that he’s always felt that way? That he thinks you’re just a scared little boy who’s afraid to be on his own because Daddy never loved him enough. And he’s right, isn’t he? Right to think that you are a coward? A sad, clingy, needy, pathetic bottom-feeder who cannot even take care of himself. Who would rather drag everyone through the mud than be alone. Who would let everyone around him die.





Oh I want a tree house!

My dream house(s). I would love to live in the trees someday.

Okay….I’ll take one please.


Dean Winchester | Meta Fiction

sam/dean + dean’s nicknames/pet names for sam

"Just to get a job is always really exciting to me. I do feel there’s a lot left for me to learn about movies, the subtleties of acting."

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every cut rate villain thinks they can analyze dean winchester like he’s just daddy issues in a leather jacket, well fuck them. he’s so much better than that, so much stronger and kinder, so much more. fuck every villain who thinks they can get inside his head when they don’t understand his heart.